Rush Angel - Roguelike RPG

Defeat is just the beginning of the journey. Your goal is to gain your freedom. Fight your way through hordes of enemies and many dangerous traps, fight epic bosses and explore a variety of locations.

Fight. Lose. Learn and try again.

Game Features: 

Dynamic Action : Fight hordes of enemies and destroy them by every means available. Did you lose? Try again, defeat makes you stronger! This game is a great representative of the Roguelike genre.

Replayability: Create your own unique build! It's up to you to decide, you can run, demolishing everything in your way, or you want to pit your enemies against each other, or maybe you want to trap your enemies? Just try it!

Story Mode: You must untangle the clew of obscurities and the motives of others in order to put all the pieces of the past together. After that, you will see all the consequences of one person's desire to change the world for the better.

Competitive Mode: Earn points for destroying enemies in heats and arenas. The strongest get valuable rewards, and you're the best fighter, right? Participate in tournaments and win!

Amazing 3D graphics: Incredible PC and console level graphics on your smartphone!

Install and play the best Roguelike F2P action game with RPG and Metroidvania elements.

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